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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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that the same note is repeated by him many times almost identical terms.   Superfluous notes of this des<3* tion, but these only, have been discarded.   All by Walpole are distinguished by the addition of his
To each volume is prefixed a list, in chronological o:rcl of the letters contained in it. This list supplies in &® case the number of the letter in the present edition (in. "t left-hand column), the date of the letter, the name of "t correspondent, and (in the right-hand column) the cox1 spending number, if any, of the letter in Cunningham edition. Letters now printed for the first time are dist: gnished by the addition of a dagger to the number in "t left-hand column. The absence of a number in the rig:" hand column indicates, of course, that the letter in quest! is not included in Cunningham's edition.
A second list supplying the same information, but classlfi under the names of the correspondents in alphabetical orcl< will be found at the end of the work.    By means of on© other of these lists, the whereabouts of any particular letl may be found at once without difficulty.
The sources of the letters not included by Cunninglia are indicated in the notes to the letters in question.
In order to render the contents of Horace Walpol< letters as easily accessible as possible, three full indices b.fx been provided, viz. an index of persons ; an index of plac (including streets, buildings, &c., in the case of towns, su.< as London and Paris); and a subject-index. These, togetli with the complete list of the letters, and sundry genealogic tables, will form the concluding volume of the edition.
Of the eleven portraits of Horace Walpole included : this edition, those by Lens, Eichardson, and Angeli* Kauffmann are now published for the first time. For